Alec McNayr, Founder, of McBeard Media

Malika made our talent engine go, which in turn made our business go.  By creating an ever-evolving leadership development program, she nurtured a culture that valued management skills, communication and candor.  That culture has paid off many times over, in terms of talent retention, personal growth, promotion, and good old-fashioned happiness! Her training program was the centerpiece of our employees development as leaders. They felt, and continue to feel, valued, invested in, connected and supported.  She has a finger on the pulse of how human organizations want to function and is able to bring about amazing change.


Cynthia Rupeka, Strategy & Business Development Lead at Hello Sunshine

Malika was instrumental in concepting, organizing, and executing We Gather, which was an initiative for female employees at Fullscreen, Ellation, Otter Media, and AT&T. The program launched from a day event that brought 200+ women together for keynote speakers as well as breakout sessions. It was her vision and tenacity that pulled all key stakeholders together from the start and her thoughtful and experienced approach that made the day both engaging as well as impactful-- she was key in making the event a huge success. It's so clear that her passion and drive to build and foster talent is what's missing at so many organizations.


Sean Kisker, Chief Strategy Officer at Otter Media

My team at Otter recently had the good fortune to work with Malika, who is truly one of a kind. Beyond her obvious energy and passion for making people's live more meaningful, she offers a rare blend of expertise in organizational theory and true personalized interest in the individual(s) to get results. She took the time to carefully tailor and facilitate a sequence of leadership and team building sessions for us that helped a young team understand themselves and each other better. She also provided resources for sustainable goal-setting that allow us to continue to grow tighter as a unit.


Rachel Szabo, Head of eCommerce & Merchandising at Fullscreen Media

Have you ever found yourself looking for growth opportunities, but didn't know where or how to find them? That was me this past year, until I met Malika and learned of the COLLAB leadership program she developed at Fullscreen. There are people you encounter in your lifetime that are truly remarkable and leave a everlasting stamp on you as a person, but are few and far between. Malika has been hands down one of these people for me in helping me build my own personal brand. Through her coaching, I landed the biggest deal of my entire career, and against all odds, I might add. She's inspired me to really challenge not only myself, but everything and everyone around me -- a skill that I know will take me far in my career, and I'm forever grateful for Malika for helping me become the leader I am today.


Veronica Billings, Senior Account Manager at Social Native

I am immensely grateful to Malika for cultivating a structured Mentorship Lab program that challenged me and my peers to grow into new levels of leadership and professional maturity. I can think of several distinctive reasons why this program specifically resulted in real, long-lasting growth: the many-months time commitment allowed my mentor and I to cultivate a real, honest, and trusting relationship; the program was structured enough to ensure our time together was productive without introducing restricting limitations; the match-making component of the program connected me with a mentor that could challenge and support me in the ways I felt I needed it most; and the decision to connect mentees and mentors as respective groups throughout the program created a safe space to share experiences, learnings, and feedback along the way. Much of what I learned during the Mentorship Lab immediately benefitted my day-to-day and professional growth, but it also created a long-lasting relationship I can always count on. And now, a couple years later at a new team and in a new role, I can see the impact the Mentorship Lab left on me as I take new strides in my career -- and find ways to pass along my learnings.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.32.53 PM.png

Will Finkel, VP of Business & Legal Affairs, Fullscreen Media

COLLAB was a formative experience for me and something that I’m forever grateful to Malika Begin for sharing with me. The course combines a broad array of educational materials, engaging discussions and thoughtful exercises in order to help attendees hone their leadership skills and spread self-awareness through the organization. Given how much time and effort is put in to the official course work, it is easy to overlook the personal investment that Malika puts in to the program and attendees. Malika’s personal discussions and feedback round the course out and allowed me to be much more mindful and honest about my strengths and weaknesses. Her involvement in my career has indisputably put me on a different course, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


Susie Lee, Senior Director Of Operations at Fullscreen

There really isn't anyone like Malika. If you are looking for someone to come in and transform lives, develop true leaders, and be persistent in seeing successful organizational change through to the end, she is an innate expert. Malika has challenged our organization to elevate in leadership across the board and her impact is seen and felt on a regular basis. Malika has personally mentored me through her various leadership development programs and it has positively changed the way I am able to manage teams, changed the way I am able to bring value to my workplace, and changed the way I approach so many obstacles in, and even out, of the workplace setting. Malika is a game-changer and I speak for many when I say that many of McBeard & Fullscreen's successes can be attributed to the tireless energy Malika has invested in growing strong, sustainable leaders.


Maurice Ferkranus, Director of Technology, McBeard Media

When I pause to reflect on what I could write about Malika, 2 things come to mind. Firstly, she made dramatic strides during the time she worked at Fullscreen, from a key member of our organizational leadership team in the early days of McBeard, to the creator and implementer of an extraordinary leadership development program which she rolled out with major impact to all participants. Secondly, I was fortunate enough to participate in her program -- although somewhat skeptical at first, especially the requirement to spend time to prepare for each session. She gently pushed me to put in the effort, and by the wrap-up session I finally understood the significant value of this program, and am amazed by the remarkable impact it has made on my outlook and my career. I highly recommend Malika to any organization that is looking to propel their team performance, while advancing each participants confidence and drive to succeed.