6, 8 or 12 month Programs

Begin Development leads monthly in-person programming for your executive team, emerging leaders and VP/Director level teams who need investment, tools and resources. We can help you rapidly prepare your leaders to manage teams, scale your business or launch a new initiative.

Culture is built intentionally, through clear mission, values and vision. Leaders are built in your organization not only with clear vision on their role and the goals of the company, but also through their self awareness, soft skills, influence and ability to inspire those around them.

Development programs are designed specifically for your core values and business. Example goals we set for leaders of a recent program:

  • Develop confidence, self awareness and utilize strengths

  • Value and empower people to cultivate healthy teams

  • Foster collaboration

  • Encourage health and wellness

As a former Olympic athlete I find growth and good coaching extremely important. Malika understood this as an athlete herself and not only did she create an excellent program, she also pushed us to really commit, do our homework and to act on what we learned and, more importantly, to share as much as we could with our fellow employees. This allowed the program to reach a much larger scale within the company than those directly participating. In addition to a great curriculum built with practical applications, Malika also made an enormous impact by making herself available to us for individual coaching and training. She has an innate ability to pinpoint and put into words things that I had thought indescribable and nebulous. She is incredibly insightful and I so appreciated the care she put into myself and all of her team members. Malika is a rare personality that is super energizing and inspiring and our program would not have been the same without her guidance and leadership.

— Doris Willette, Associate Director, Integrated Marketing, Fullscreen Media


During this program, participants meet regularly to focus on areas of personal and interpersonal development, successfully managing others, building trust and collaboration as a group, goal setting, shifting their talents to strengths and developing confidence with their voice and public speaking. Participants also focus on hungry, humble, smart team building, communication, praise and polish, collaboration with other departments, healthy conflict resolution, innovation and rapid growth in an organization.

During the program, we will also work individually with employees to coach them for maximum support and growth. They will find their power as an individual contributor and as a leader within the team. We work with supervisors and team members to gain full 360 feedback from peers, direct reports and supervisors. We also engage the supervisor in the development process, as the main investor in the ongoing growth of participants.



This stuff works! Development programs change culture in all levels of the company. With improved retention, greater satisfaction, and stronger leadership on their teams, i.e happier teams. After one year of running an in-house development program of 24 regular attendees, meeting once per month for 5 hours, we saw results. An annual culture survey revealed the following:


  • Lacked support from leadership (61%)

  • Felt disconnected (82%)

  • Felt unheard (58%)

  • Confidence in the future (46%)


  • Confidence grew as a leader (100%)

  • Felt valued and invested in (100%)

  • Cultivated new collaborations with people or divisions not previously worked with in the company (93%)

  • Had tools to grow in the company long term (96%)