Beyond programs and coaching

Begin Development also offers meaningful experiences for your team meetings, offsite, conference or panels. Malika has experience in building internal mentorship programs, women’s initiatives and helps emerging companies clarify and set vision for their mission and values.



Goal Setting


Negotiation Skills

Public Speaking

Energy Management and Wellness

Have you ever found yourself looking for growth opportunities, but didn't know where or how to find them? That was me this past year, until I met Malika. There are people you encounter in your lifetime that are truly remarkable and leave an everlasting stamp on you as a person. Malika has been hands down one of these people for me in helping me build my own personal brand. During my time working with her, I landed the biggest deal of my career. She's inspired me to challenge not only myself, but everything and everyone around me -- a skill that will take me far in my career, and I'm forever grateful to Malika for helping me become the leader I am today.

Rachel Szabo, Head of eCommerce & Merchandising at Fullscreen Media